Rick Simpson Oil Treatment!

How To Use (Rick Simpson’s 90 day Treatment Regimen)

On average it takes the average person between 3 to 5 weeks before they are able to consume the commonly recommended dose of one gram per day. The effects of RSO are typically felt about one hour after ingestion.

Week One

It is suggested that the patient starts with 3 doses per day - each dose being the size of half a grain of rice. The doses should be administered about 8 hours apart starting in the morning, followed by an afternoon dose, and the final dose should be administered one hour before bed.

Week Two - Week Five

The patient should begin to double the dosage every four days starting from the beginning of week two. The intention of the dose increasing is to consume the commonly recommended dose of one gram per day by the end of week five.

Week Five - Week Twelve

Continue to take one gram of RSO daily until the patient has consumed the commonly recommended full course amount of 60 grams. At this stage the patient should be consuming about 8 - 9 rice sized drops every eight hours.

Post Week Twelve - Maintenance Dose

Many patients have been known to continue taking RSO at a significantly reduced dosage after the twelve week period is over. The maintenance dose is commonly defined as a consumption of about 1 - 2 grams per month. 

This is comparable to about a drop or two the size of a grain of rice an hour before bed at night.


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